Video Analysis Service

Our analysis software decodes all the behavioural keys hidden from you, in a totally anonymous way and respecting your privacy.

What information can you get from a video?

1 - What kind of relationship exists between two or more people

Body language between two people can reveal how close their relationship is, and how attuned they are to each other.

2 - Emotions that they try to hide and that they reveal in their face

Are they really happy, or does their expression hide another emotion? Do they show hostility or disposition? The complexity of the face and its direct connection to our emotions makes it an ideal window to decipher true intentions and feelings.

3 - Contradictions between what they say and what they express with their body: detecting lies.

People can prepare themselves to lie with words, but they don't know how to do it with their body; hence these contradictions between what they say and how they say it can reveal hidden information or even expose lies.

4 - Vocal stress and insecurities when expressing oneself

The human voice communicates not only through words, but also through underlying emotions thanks to tone, volume, timbre and other characteristics whose fluctuations may determine stress or attempt to hide information.

5 - Authentic / retouched images and videos

In this day and age almost everyone has an image and video editor in their pocket. How can we tell if an image was retouched, or a video is a montage? Our software takes care of verifying the authenticity of the material provided.

How does the service work, and what does it include?

- First, you send us the material to and we determine if the analysis is viable.

We require the sending of absolutely all relevant images and videos for the analysis to be performed and thus determine the feasibility of performing the service; you get a response within 24 hours, with a budget.

- Then, we perform the analysis of the material (at least 48 hours)

Once the budget is approved, we start the analysis immediately; it typically takes 48 hours, but can be extended depending on the amount of material to be analyzed.

- Finally, you receive a detailed and certified report with the results and actions you might consider.

You receive a report with total privacy in PDF; not only our results but also with suggestions on how to react or act if the analysis shows possible conflicting scenarios.

Our service combines Artificial Intelligence and the combined experience of our Body Language Analysts.

Our proprietary MAWs software combines the aggregate experience of more than ten years of real case analysis, under the supervision of our Body Language Analysts, integrating Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to provide accurate analysis with total privacy.

Service cost: from $199

To request the service, write to sending the images and videos you want to analyze, explaining in detail the circumstances of the situation surrounding the people present in the material.

We will respond within 24 hours with a quote.

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