Knesix™ Double Certification in Body Language and Facial Microexpressions.

¿Qué es el lenguaje corporal?

Our 100% online program to certify your Body Language analysis and expression skills.

What will be the first thing you will do when you learn to decipher Body Language?

The entire program is 100% online, with lifetime enrollment and unlimited access to the exercises and practices in the virtual campus and our private analysis group.

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Program Contents:

I - Kinesics and Nonverbal Vocabulary

- SAPP method of systemic analysis

- Axial and Satellite subsystems

- Argumentative Kinesis

- Dynamics and individual / group expression - Proxemics

- Illustrators and Manipulators

- Guarding and Blocking

- Tempering and Laxity

- Development of a technical behavior analysis from body expression

II - Microexpresiones and Lie Detection

- Facial Analysis System™: complete guide to the 60 facial muscle clusters and their meanings.

- Catalog of Emotions and their characteristics: distinguish authentic from fabricated ones.

- Compound Emotions: combination of clusters in dual facial expressions

- Detection of verbal / facial incongruences

- Analysis of real cases in lie detection

- Behavioral Codes and Movement Codes complementary to microexpressions

- Development of a technical behavior analysis from facial emotions

Certificación Internacional en Microexpresiones

III - Final Testing and Certification

Some of our student's reviews:

"An essential guide, presented in simple and fun language that will make you an expert at 'reading' others."

César Landaeta H.

Psychologist and writer

"Jesus gives us knowledge that by tradition is reserved for leadership positions."

Dra. Verónica Gattini

Psychiatrist and Family Therapist

"The way Jesus teaches Non-Verbal Language is great; it relies heavily on stories and that makes it very easy to learn."

Johana Ríos

"Seller Brain" Founder

"Jesus is the leader and referent on issues of communication and non-verbal human behavior." 

Dr. Efraín Freyre

Medical - Psychotherapist, CNV specialist

"I've improved my communication with my patients and my social circle; I can now identify not only lies, but even intentions."

Dr. José Pappaterra

Neurosurgeon and Coach

"I have more impact and influence in expressing my ideas and I've managed to sharpen my ability to identify people's intentions and emotions."

Hugo Jaramillo Estrada

Consultant and Coach

"My total recommendation to all the material, constantly learning with Jesus."

Diana Villa

Instructor Coach NCI - PNL

"Jesus has extensive knowledge and experience in Persuasion, Coaching and NLP focused on developing leaders."

Solimar Vargas

Psychologist and Ontological Coach

"Jesus' online courses represent the most advanced materials in the field of Body Language"

Alberto Raúl Herrera

Internacional Professor - ADEN

"Jesus is a proven Expert in Communication and Persuasion for both professionals and business owners alike."

Katty López De Gull

CEO, De Gull Revamp

Start date: Immediately, upon enrolling. 

Methodology: 100% online, with all the material available 24/7 at the virtual campus.

Duration: Approximately two months, but there is no time limit for you to achieve your certification; after that, your enrollment is permanent to continue accessing the program and its updates.

The course includes videos, PDF guides that you can download to print or view offline, interactivities, examples and assessments.

Double Certificate full price: 


Enroll TODAY and take advantage of the special 90% discount:



Frequent Asked Questions:

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.

How long will I have access to the information?

For life. 

Who created the material?

Jesús Enrique Rosas, founder of LenguajeCorporal.Org and the Knesix Institute, as well as the International Network of Body Language Coaches and Speakers.

What skills will I develop with the material?

How to decipher the body language of others, learn to control your own and use both techniques to persuade.

What guarantee do I have that it will work for me?

No curriculum is 100% guaranteed; however, if you are committed to putting the lessons into practice and applying them consistently there is no reason why you won't improve your communication skills.

Is this course certified?

You'll receive a double certification of completion of the program.

What kind of resources does the program include?

Texts, videos, downloadable documents and interactivities.

Are there any time restrictions and do I need to have an internet connection?

All the material can be accessed at any time, even from a mobile device. With the exception of the interactivities and videos, you can download everything to print or review without an internet connection.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your purchase is protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason the material does not work for you within 30 days, we will refund your payment in full.

Some of our International Members:

Jesús E. Rosas

Director Knesix Institute, Spain

Leopoldo Uprimny

Director E-Motion, Colombia

Vanessa Marzán

President, Mujer Emprende Latina, Puerto Rico

Wendy Crespi

Director - Centro CEGI, México

Efraín Freyre

Director - Atulado Research, Perú

Cristian Pernett

Director - Pernett PNL, Ecuador

Eduardo Córdoba

Director - MasterClass, Costa Rica

Bárbara Tijerina

Speaker and Coach, México

Hugo Jaramillo

Director Jaramillo Coaching, México

Double Certificate full price: 


Enroll TODAY and take advantage of the special 90% discount:



"It is my pleasure to invite you to share with us this initiative of more than 20 years exploring body language and persuasion, with the possibility of belonging to our group of international specialists."

Jesús Enrique Rosas - Director, Knesix Institute

2010 - 2021 Knesix Institute

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