Everyone has been jealous sometime; but even being a natural feeling, it’s hard to describe until you experiment it.

These 10 body language clues reveal that a man feels jealous, and what you should do about it:

In this video, you will learn:

– How neck and shoulders reveal emotions

– How to detect his voice stress, and

– A tip to prevent those situations.

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#1: His neck and jaw will be tense.

Men are naturally competitive and if he feels threatened by another man, he’s going to show it with a stiff neck.

That is a physical reaction, even if he’s not in immediate danger. Jealousness will put him in a defensive state.

Body language of a jealous man 001

He will show it not only with his neck, but also with his jaw. If the competitor is near, or you’re casually talking about him, try to spot his jaw muscles.

It’s easier to spot if you’re directly in front of him, so you can see the tension of the jaw muscles and how they bulge.

#2: He’s going to block the competition with his body.

Let’s say you’re at a meetup and the man that sparks the jealousies is attending.

Your guy will position himself between you and the other man as much as he can, just to block his view of you.

That physical blocking could go as far as to stand straight, putting a hand on his hip and projecting an elbow outwards.

Body language of a jealous man 002

This makes an even more aggressive stance to ‘block’ access to you.

But if he feels jealous from other men in general, he’s going to do this:

#3: Prevent those situations that make him feel threatened.

If your guy is jealous of other men in general, he will make any excuse to avoid those situations.

This is a clue that can be easily misunderstood, and the crucial word to distinguish it is: Excuses.

Body language of a jealous man 003

It’s normal to want exclusive time with you. But if he makes excuses to avoid going out in a group, maybe it’s because he feels insecure about it.

He will also make sure that you desist of going on your own. If that’s your case, I’ve got a tip for you at the end of this video.

#4: The way his voice cripples when he’s jealous

The masculinity in a man’s voice depends greatly from the strength of his airways, and how relaxed his neck muscles are.

Remember that the first reaction he’s going to have under stress is tension in his neck.

Body language of a jealous man 004

Well, it affects the quality of his voice. If you’ve been around him for some time, by this point you already know his natural voice tone.

When he feels threatened his voice will lose power and feel crippled. Maybe he’ll clear his throat more often.

#5: He will overuse monosyllables

It is incredibly difficult for a man to accept that he feels jealous of another. Because it would be accepting that the other is a real threat.

That’s why jealousies will spark an emotional conflict inside him, and it won’t be easy to manage.

That emotional conflict will hijack his confidence, and in the end will alter the way he talks.

Body language of a jealous man 005

His answers could be shorter, to the point of using only monosyllables to respond.

He thinks that expressing that emotion is some kind of weakness. Hence his talking troubles.

#6: he will make more focused questions.

A man interested in you will want to know how was your day; just remember that most men don’t ask as many questions as women do.

But when a man feels jealous he will make more questions about where, when and who you were with.

This way you can check his body language to see if he goes from stressed to a more relaxed state.

Body language of a jealous man 006

One way to check it is shoulder tension. If he feels threatened, they will be contracted.

It helps if you are used to read his body language in different situations so you can compare.

#7: He will try to peek at your phone when you text.

A jealous man could show body language clues even if there are no other men around and you’re not talking about anyone else.

For example, when you’re texting he might be a little curious about who’s on the other side.

He will try to sneak up to you with any excuse, depending of course of your relationship with him.

Body language of a jealous man 007

But you’ll notice that his eyes will be fixed not on you but your phone’s screen.

If you notice this, simply ask “Do you want to see who I’m texting to”, and watch his reaction.

#8: He will become even more competitive when jealous.

Since jealousness is a matter of competition, your man will try to attack the value you perceive in the other guy.

For example, let’s imagine that you say something about a schoolmate that excelled in athletics.

He will do one of two things: he could compete directly, like starting to focus more on his own physical abilities.

Body language of a jealous man 008

Or, downplay the perceived value of the competitor. For example, saying that your schoolmate is not as smart as him.

Either way, he’s reacting with his behavior.

#9: his hands will form half clenched fists

Another body language reaction of a man that feels jealous is a reflex related to stress in his hands.

He will not close them in clenched fists, but the fingers will be towards his palms with the thumbs showing.

There are many variations to this gesture, but the main theme is hiding his palms and keeping the fingers tucked below.

Body language of a jealous man 009

Even if he remains calm with a relaxed neck and smile, this gesture is very hard to control.

The opposite is when the fingers and the hand are just relaxed.

#10: Superficial breathing that leads to deep breaths

Any state of tension of the body will limit the way we breathe. That’s why is so important to take deep breaths when you’re stressed.

This is harder to spot, but a threatened man will start to breathe superficially.

If you have enough experience spotting neck, shoulders and voice tension, this is the natural next step.

Body language of a jealous man 010

When the conversation ends or the ‘threat’ recedes, you’ll notice that he takes in a bit more air than usual with a deep breath.

That is to ‘keep up’ with the missed breathing so far.

Now, What should you do if you start to feel uncomfortable?

Some jealousness is no big deal and most of the time is a natural reaction in most healthy relationships.

But if his reactions make you feel uncomfortable and even insecure around him, this is what you should do:

Reverse the situation in your mind and assess how would you feel about it.

If you feel ok with it and think that he’s overreacting, wait until things cool down and talk about it.

But it’s very important that you are sure of what you feel about your own behavior.

This last point is important because manipulative men could use jealousies to control you with guilt.

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