How many times have you heard that you should keep your Ego ‘at bay’?

It’s a good recommendation … until you remember that you need it to grow.

This story about volcanoes in the middle of the Atlantic explains it well:

A dozen million years ago (more or less when Julio Iglesias made his first communion), several volcanoes emerged in the middle of the ocean, a stone’s throw from what is now Morocco.

It wasn’t subtle.

Titans of liquid stone rose even higher than the clouds; but these colossi, almost two miles high, could not stand for long.

Over the next three million years, they fought gravity like lava-sweating Jenga towers.

Gradually, their height reduced to a few thousand feet.

Gone were the glory days of being the monarchs of the horizon.

Gone were the night skies dyed red by the rivers of terrestrial blood that furrowed them.

But from that confrontation, something even better emerged: An incredibly diverse ecosystem in a paradise setting.

I apologize for reducing the geological history of the Canary Islands to just a couple of sentences, but I just want to create an analogy with your Ego.

You cannot just repress it and leave it at the bottom of the ocean.

You must let it out. Let it shine.

Just be aware:

Your Ego will behave exactly like those lava pillars. It will want to go against everything.

It will want to do the impossible not to fall.

But it’s that friction against the elements that will polish it just as a master polishes a samurai sword.

(Fortunately, it won’t be millions of years).

We are human, and we will always remember *that era* in which we rose high above others.

The Ego is like that. That’s its nature.

Combining its momentum with getting involved and reflecting on what is happening around us is what will build our true character.

Don’t be afraid to light that spark.

Do not be afraid to recognize that you have powers, advantages, abilities that practically give you an unusual advantage over others.

It is our duty to seek and exploit that ‘unfair’ advantage without losing our perspective.

Go first, and others will follow you.

My job is to help you channel those emotions that sometimes cause strong conflicts within you.

It will be my pleasure to guide you.

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Much success,

Jesús Enrique Rosas

I can read your body language and write a story about it.

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