In every political debate, it’s common to choose a ‘winner’.

Body language is part of that criteria, but how do you know who dominated others with their nonverbal expression?

Just pay attention to these 7 tips:


1 – “Baton Gestures” are the ones we use to support a speech.

It’s easy to recognize them as one or both hands emphasize certain words.

Common mistake: to make them too close or far from the body, or not synchronized with the word you want to stress.


2 – We use ‘pacifiers’ to calm down when we are nervous.

Touching our clothes (Stretching our jacket or dress, touching the tie or necklace, etc.) are signs of stress, as well as the subtle touching of a finger over another.

Maximum level of stress is shown if they touch their faces.


3 – Shoulders tension is a sign of fight-or-flight response.

In this case, the shoulders tend to rise and shrug, maintaining that position.

In the case of suits, the fabric makes it easier to appreciate this tension, because it ‘amplifies’ the movement.

4 – Chin angle indicates the degree of confidence.

A downward chin projects mistrust (it is an evolutionary signal of covering the neck and being willing to attack).

The horizontal chin projects self-confidence.

If the chins raises too much, it projects pride and disdain.


5 – A factor that is not really corporal (but that is also part of the message), is the chosen dress and appearance.

What is the message they convey with they choice of style and colors?

Also, take into account how formal or informal they present themselves.


6 – Keeping the eyebrows area serene, is relatively simple.

The area of ​​the mouth and jaw is something else.

Pay attention to:

– Tight lips (frustration).
– Jaw and chin projected forward (threat).
– Tense jaw (contained rage).

7 – Finally, it is important to pay attention to the voice.


– Increase in volume (Emotion, euphoria).
– Volume reduction (insecurity, caution).
– Failing to modulate words correctly (insecurity).
– Silences of more than 5 sec. (indecision).


I understand that tracking all of these factors can be exhausting; not to mention doing it on several people at once.

But body language is learned like any other language: progressively.

If you want to know where to start, download my eBook in the link below.

I wish you much success!

Jesús Enrique Rosas

I unlock business leaders’ social skills.