Arrogance is usually frowned upon, as everyone says that you should always be humble and modest.

But a couple sentences from Albert Einstein in 1919 are a great example of the only attitude that will get you far:

In 1919, a solar eclipse had special significance for the scientific community.

It was an opportunity to prove Einstein’s general theory of relativity; he predicted that the curvature of space would distort the light of stars .

They would bend like “Wanted” movie bullets.

An expedition was organized and they finally confirmed that Einstein was right.

One of his pupils asked him, “What would you have said if you had been proven wrong?”

Einstein replied:

— I would have been obliged to blame God, because my theory is correct.

Years later, Einstein was asked about Max Planck, the father of quantum physics.

— A great man… sadly he doesn’t understand physics very well

An explanation was requested, so he replied:

— During the eclipse of 1919, Planck stayed up all night for the confirmation. If he had understood my general theory of relativity, he would have gone to bed the way I did.

So, regarding his theory, Einstein was not humble at all.

And you easily say that he was arrogant about it (despite having all the bragging rights to do so)

The lesson:

You could say that being that confident in yourself is dangerous. What if one is wrong?

But I can tell you that FAR MORE DANGEROUS is not being completely confident in yourself.

First of all, you risk not starting anything at all. Second, overthinking too much.

And what’s wrong with being overconfident in your own abilities?

The catch: I’m sure Einstein worked his ass off right through the process of coming up with the theory.

He put in the work, and then some. He was dead sure it was going to work.

Now picture this: we’re talking about one of the greatest minds in history.

And he had this attitude *after* he accomplished what he did.

What about us?

Fact: we need a bit of arrogance just to think that we can do what no one else has done yet.

I’m absolutely sure many people will disagree with me.

And that’s ok. No problem.

But imagine that someone shoots this question to your face:

“What makes you think you’re going to do something that no one else has even dreamed yet?”

What would be your answer?

The trick is being able to channel those ‘negative’ emotions (Arrogance, anger, fear) so that they serve as fuel for your progress.

(The worst thing you could do is use them to feed your ego)

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