From automated recruitment to fraud detection, our technology and specialists are at your disposal.

Our corporate solutions:

Automation of interviews for recruitment / selection

Our Artificial Intelligence software MAWs can analyze hundreds of video interviews to avoid problematic or conflicting candidates.

We analyze 120 data points including facial microexpressions, tone of voice and verbal fluency to facilitate your selection process.

Fraud and scam detection

We carry out private investigations based on both personal and group interviews in the case of suspected frauds and scams.

Our specialists in psychology, forensic kinesis, anthropology and criminology assisted by our MAWs software allow you to solve fraud and scams cases in your company.

Effective Leadership Measurement and Auditing

How effective is your leadership? Now we can measure it through technological tools that together with our specialists determine the impact your words, gestures and attitudes have on both individuals and groups.

Additionally, we can analyze work groups both in person and online to determine disposition, enthusiasm, motivation and adaptation.

Analysis of security recordings

The combination of our software and the experience of our specialists allows us to detect hidden intentions in the security recordings made by your company.

All our investigations are carried out with the strictest standards of privacy and anonymity.

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