We usually let weeks, months or even years pass without thinking about our life’s priorities… much less realizing that our time is limited.

Mathematician Pierre de Fermat made a mistake that is a good analogy for this:

For Fermat, Math was everything, including leisure and fun.

That’s why many of his most important contributions were recorded in margins of books, or in small notes to friends.

Scribbling like a fool in a really informal way helped his genius to flourish and manifest.

One day, he was reading Diophantus’s Arithmetic. All of a sudden, he began to write in the margin, as usual:

“The equation xn + yn = zn, where x,y, and z are positive integers, has no solution if n is greater than 2”.

Don’t worry. What you just read is not witchery. I checked.

In very small handwriting, he added:

“I have discovered a most remarkable proof, but this margin is too narrow to contain it”.

It is important to know that Fermat lived more than a quarter of century after that and never bothered to grab a goddamn piece of paper to write it.

Well, after Fermat bit the dust, that scribble was known as “Fermat’s last theorem”.

…and it remained unsolved for MORE THAN THREE HUNDRED FUCKING YEARS.

It was Andrew Wiles the first to finally solve it between 1994 and 1995.

The proof is “only” 129 pages long.

We are sometimes guilty of the same.

(Not mathematical witchery, that’s for sure)

I mean: pretending to leave a minimal space for some of our most precious possessions.

One of them is life. The fact that you are breathing is a miracle in itself.

But to breathe, you must have health.

Not just live, but be healthy. And it includes healthy emotions, a healthy body, healthy relationships and healthy finances, of course.

Please notice the order. It’s important.

How many times have we scrambled those priorities?

Too many. WAY too many.

And too many people have let a quarter of century pass without asking themselves some really pressing questions.

Like “Who am I?”

or “What do I really want”?

or “Why in the name of God is Tarantino so obsessed with feet?”

Trying to live life without pushing to know yourself is like living with a stranger inside you.

No. Wait. That sounds awful. Scratch that.

But I know you get the point. And you shouldn’t let time keep flowing out of your soul without a solid intention.

A Want.

You know a good way to know your own emotions? being aware of your own body language.

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Much success!

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