Let’s do a simple exercise. Take a look at these two pictures of John Kerry (It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who John Kerry is, just take a look at them)

It’s easy to guess that these two photos are at least a couple of decades apart. The exact time between them doesn’t matter, but instead, how his facial features have progressively shifted to the right side of his face.

Remember that when I talk about HIS right side, it is our LEFT in the photo. Notice how even if the TIME magazine portrait (to the right) he’s got his head a bit turned to that side, we can clearly spot how his nose and mouth are not-so-subtly pointing to his right.

In fact, I’m sure the photographer took the picture with the head angle to compensate for those slanted facial features.

The same happens with his eyes. In healthy cases, our left eye is usually more expressive and emotional than our right one. This is due to the way we process emotions. But in Kerry’s case, that emotional light has been fading progressively from his left eye to his right.

But what does this have to do with lying?

Well, a lot. Because facial features traveling to the right side of the face show a person that has been hiding, concealing or in any way neutralizing their emotions for a long time.

No, this doesn’t happen overnight. But when you begin to notice it, you better be a bit reserved with them. Trust them at your own peril. Make sure you keep on your toes.

Sometimes, just 2 or 3 years can make all the difference. So it helps spotting photos of people, years ago, to see how their facial features have evolved over time.

It’s just a matter of paying attention to the details.

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