Yes, you read that right. Books are dangerous, and can make your life miserable.

What, you disagree? then let me make my point with the help of Juana Galán, which was like a nineteenth century Spanish Sarah Connor:

It was 1807 and Napoleon was really bored, so he started the Peninsular war against Spain and Portugal.

Throughout that conflict, the French troops had to pass through the town of Valdepeñas.

Most, if not all of Valdepeñas’ men were fighting their asses off elsewhere.

Juana Galán was a 22-year-old barmaid in the main tavern of the city.

A la “Molly’s Game”, she had the advantage of listening the gossip from travelers spilling all the alcohol-soaked beans.

So she was the first to know of the incoming baguette troopers.

She assumed that the French riflemen were not going to pass peacefully through a city full of vulnerable women.

So she decided to rip the ‘vulnerable’ out of the equation.

Juana assembled all the town’s women in an offensive that Netflix could put to good use today.

When Napoleon’s troops reached the city, they were ambushed with boiling water from the balconies.

The streets were flooded with boiling oil that wreaked havoc in the cavalry.

Amidst the confusion, the second degree burns and the French accented screams, a figure raised.

A group of women led by a baton-armed Juana (Although I prefer the version of an iron cast pan), began to fracture skulls and make grey matter ratatouille.

Seriously, I’d pay good money to watch Zack Snyder direct a movie about this, starring Gina Carano in all slo-mo glory.

The intruders had no other option but retreat and leave Valdepeñas alone.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“But what the hell does all this have to do with books being dangerous?”

Oh, right; the books.

They’re dangerous in the sense that you can think that knowledge is actually power.


ACTION is power. Let me explain:

Books nurture you with fresh knowledge. And that’s awesome.

But you might think at some point that you can solve problems looking for a solution on a book.

I know. I have sinned, too.

Books can stir your ideas. Nourish new perspectives. But the action is UP TO YOU.

The analogy is Juana having the ‘information’ thanks to her job at the tavern.

She had the knowledge. Was it enough? Was “more knowledge” the solution?

Of course not.

But sometimes you need to reach a boiling point (like the water and oil of the story) to understand this.

I promise to keep writing daily to nudge you in the right direction.

But the action… that is up to you. It’s your responsibility.

And if you want a book as dangerous as a monkey with an AK-47, just go ahead and download mine:

Much success!

Jesús Enrique Rosas

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