Jesús Enrique Rosas - Director, Knesix Institute

Body Language and Persuasion Coaching for Business Leaders.

Most business leaders know the potential they inherently carry, but few manage to project that passion to their team, their stakeholders and their customers.

They know they 'have it', but don’t know how to express it with confidence and persuasion.

My private Body Language and Persuasion coaching is focused on taking you to the peak of your personal influence, from working with your inner confidence to the projection of your charisma.

Body Language, Storytelling, Neuro Linguistic Programming... all are buzzwords that need to be tailored in a personalized system for you to use them effectively.

Because your performance highly depends upon the action of others that you must inspire with supreme confidence.

Performing at anything less than that, compromises everyone around you.

The secret to everlasting loyalty, is trust.

Trust is what makes people follow leaders.

But to feel deeply involved in your company's mission, employees must feel that they're led by someone really involved in their personal and unique success.

That's the main focus of my coaching: developing your People Skills of Active Listening, Storytelling, and Captivating with your message.

Boost Trustworthiness.

You don't have to read hundreds of books to get to that point. 

Together we'll craft a personal influence strategy tailored to your personality so you can naturally boost confidence and loyalty in others, making your leadership journey far smoother and more rewarding. 

You will connect with each member of your tribe and their emotions.

With my coaching, you'll develop all the skills you need to...

- Know which are the exact face areas to look at in order to decipher emotional states during a conversation.

- Apply the three critical Storytelling factors that transform a story into a persuasive narrative.

- Learn to detect the exact moment when they open themselves to you with just three body language key tells.

- Develop your own strategy when mirroring words, body posture and attitude so they 'feel' you are totally in sync with their feelings (even if they are meeting you for the first time).

- Discover what really moves them with a formula to ask the right questions at the right moment.

- Steer the flow of any conversation towards the goals and actions you've set.

- Assemble a complete argument toolbox that will boost your persuasive charisma.

The three pillars of your next level Leadership Influence:

1: Active Listening

It's not enough to pay attention to people when talking; We use many channels to convey our message, so it's critical to understand body language, the words chosen, voice tone and volume and the subtle emotional expressions of the face.

It's well known that we use our whole body to communicate, so it's safe to assume that people really feel that we are paying attention to them when what we say is congruent with all their signals.

Also, when we 'catch' a feeling of distress, it's important to have subtle questioning skills to let them open themselves.

For all this to happen, we need to build rapport and empathy first.

2: Persuade and Inspire

Once we have the full emotional picture of each one of our employees, we can tell what moves them; Each person is moved and motivated by their own goals, so a Mentor must address each one of them personally.

When you pinpoint what is the emotional driver for a person - For example: family time, professional development or financial security - you can choose the right narrative to inspire them.

Inspiration doesn't have to be something ethereal; in fact, it's going to be the bridge between the employee's goals, emotional triggers, and the company's mission. And the easiest way to wrap this message is with storytelling.

3: Convey the message with impact.

The third factor is being able to influence your employees with the right attitude: attuned to their emotions, their goals and letting they find out that you've been really listening to them, and want them to unleash their full potential towards their own goals, the team's goals and the company's.

You imprint this idea in their hearts: that all three goals are aligned.

And they're going to listen, because they trust you.

The Complete Set of Skills that You'll develop:

Week 1: The three levels of human emotions

- The three levels of Trust in every human being
- Emotion-based decisions and rational justifications
- Motivation map of human beings
- Fostering trust and authority through likeness and rapport
- Hemingway's iceberg technique to foster mystery
- The 'Inception' persuasion

Week 2: Learning to ask the right questions

- Why questions are often overlooked
- Unlock the third level of trust through questions
- Sideways approach vs. Direct approach
- The 5 question types and how do they work

Week 3: Kinesics and Body Language

- Key to every analysis: the importance of Rhythm
- The person and the situation - Atmosphere, Ambience, Setup
- Proximity and direction through attention
- Openness factor
- Gesture flow and discourse: The problem with gesture catalogs
- Key attitudes to build Rapport and Trust
- Examples of postures; standing and sitting

Week 4: Facial emotions and microexpressions

- The easiest way to spot microexpressions
- Emotional triggers and they relevance to catch emotions
- The X factor in the face: what you really need to look at
- Eyes area and emotions
- Mouth area and emotions
- Combinations and interactive examples

Week 5: Verbal Analysis

- Start with images in your mind
- Word color, tone and impact: The secret is in the adjectives
- Newton’s Third Law applied to arguments
- Relevance of voice volume and vocalisation
- Pauses and total stops

Week 6: The persuasive message

- The need for pulling instead of pushing
- It’s always about their outcome, even if they’re not aware of it
- Verbal persuasion triggers
- Bonus: the effects of asking for a favor the right way
- Questioning to develop Trust

Week 7: Storytelling foundations

- Why storytelling triggers our attention
- Real or fake storytelling?
- Tragedy in three parts
- Storytelling with data

Week 8: Practical examples and scenarios in business

- Sales interview
- New hire interview
- Motivational speech

8-Week Intensive Coaching with the Knesix Code™

8 weeks of hands-on intensive experience to unlock all Body Language and Persuasion tools to influence and inspire your team, your stakeholders and your customers. 

We'll work together in a tailored process design of your own persuasion strategy by remote meetings and email follow-ups.

What you can expect: 

  • 1:1 access for the duration of our engagement
  • Customized program to level up your Leadership Influence Skills
  • Accountability

Complete 8-Week Executive Coaching Program: 


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