Learn To Spot The Body Language Clues To See Right Through Anyone.

Knesix™ Body Language and Persuasion Masterclass

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Imagine being able to SEE the emotions and intentions of anyone, like words on a screen.

Your intuition whispers, but its messages are so fleeting that you don't even have time to take them into account during a conversation.

For example, the other person wrinkled their face for an instant.

Was it out of annoyance, or rather something they remembered?

They also took a deep breath and looked away.

Are they disagreeing with what you said?

Why is it that when they say 'yes' to you, they seem to be reluctant?

Just as you can't learn French overnight, the same goes for Body Language.

The difference is that when it comes to French, the language doesn't come 'pre-programmed' in your brain, so learning it requires effort and time.

But in the case of body language, it is a skill that is already inside you thanks to millions of years of evolution.

You just have to reactivate it.

The most common problem is that you want to learn in a short time what all the postures, gestures, attitudes, voice tones, distance between people, facial expressions mean....

It's impossible.

No matter how hard you try that way, you will not make progress; rather, you will get frustrated.

And there is another thing you need to take into account:

Some people are able to 'read' your body and voice, just by looking at you.

They may have learned it through studies, or they may be the so-called 'naturals', who have mastered it since birth.

The truth is that at least 1 in 10 people are able to know what you feel and what your intentions are, only because your body reveals them to them without you realizing it, or being able to do anything about it.

They just pick up on your signals.

I felt that for too long; I call it 'Emotional Nakedness'.

They use the information they get from your body to persuade you... and sometimes even manipulate you.

If you're lucky, those people who can 'read' you won't have bad intentions.

But how can you be sure of that?

Just as important as knowing how to read the Body Language of others, is knowing how to control your own.

It is as important as knowing how to speak.

Even more so, because if you don't want to reveal something with words, you just have to keep silent.

With your body you don't have that luxury.

So where do you start with your body language studies?

Here's a method with which you can learn body language step by step, at your own pace and from the general to the more specific details.

"An essential guide, presented in simple and fun language that will make you an expert at reading others."

César Landaeta H.

Psychologist and writer

Mastering Body Language is the means to make everyone transparent to you.

Sounds easy enough, right?

The problem is that there are so many variables that it's easy to get lost trying to remember them all.

Did they touch their nose? which hand? what were they saying at the moment? and why did their eyes turn to the person on their right? 

Trying to decode Body Language is fun, until you find out it's really easy to feel overwhelmed.

That's why I designed the Knesix Code™.

Learn to decipher gestures and face emotions, while controlling your own body language.

The secret behind the Knesix Code™ is: progression.

You can master ALL aspects of body language, as long as you learn, absorb, practice and dominate each one in the right order.

From the general attitudes to the precise nuances of gestures.

What's your main goal? 


Build a Trust bridge so strong that you'll be able to lead people naturally to the action that benefits everyone.

Absolutely all the rules you knew about Persuasion and Influence change when you master body language.

  • You will detect the intentions of people around you at a glance.
  • You will learn to detect the true sources of their emotions.
  • You will exploit the secrets of charisma to awaken your personal magnetism.
  • You'll get complete strangers to trust you in a matter of minutes.

Why is Body Language so relevant for our lives today?

  • People have LESS social skills, due to a decade of having their faces glued to the screens; learning Body Language gives you an unprecedented advantage.
  • People may be silent, but their body language is always speaking. Their body, their faces and gestures give you clues about their intentions all the time.
  • ...and let's be honest: Who wouldn't like to be able to decipher the secret signs that reveal the hidden feelings and intentions of others?

"Jesus gives us knowledge that by tradition is reserved for leadership positions."

Dra. Verónica Gattini

Psychiatrist and Family Therapist

The Knesix Code™ is a proven, step-by-step method for learning Body Language for life.

The secret of this programme is that it is not limited to non-verbal communication.

It's critical to go beyond that.

For example, in order to identify facial emotions, you need a clear strategy of questions so people reveal those feelings spontaneously.

Similarly, how can you control your own body language if you don't learn to manage your own emotions?

That's why The Knesix Code™ is divided into three pillars, integrated with each other:

Module I: Kinesics and Non-Verbal Vocabulary

The first step is to develop your Body Language skills, learning to interpret postures, gestures and attitudes; this not only allows you to be more aware of your own gestures, but also to determine the attitude others have just by the way they move.

Module II: Microexpressions and Emotions Detection

The next step is all the emotions that can be expressed through the face and that we usually overlook because of the speed with which they occur. You will not only learn to detect them but also to interpret them and thus decipher hidden emotions and intentions.

Module III: Persuasion and Influence

You are already aware of your own body language, and can even detect the intentions of others: The next step is to discover what the keys are that move most people, and use them to persuade them of what you want, as the case may be.

The program includes 3 additional modules to complement your behavior analysis skills:

Bonus Module #1: Storytelling and Public Speaking

Persuasion begins with interpersonal... but surely the time will come when you must influence a group. The next step is to master persuasion by speaking in public and being able to convince through a compelling story.

Bonus Module #2: Interrogation Techniques

Knowledge is power, and even more so the knowledge of others. How can you know what others want when they try to hide it from you... or even, they don't know it themselves? The ability to ask assertive questions is critical to being able to fully engage with others and establish an emotional bond... or simply to find out their plans.

Bonus Module #3: NLP and Emotional Intelligence

Up to this point, all the tools have been "Outward"; but it is no use trying to control all your gestures and postures if your internal dialogue is in chaos. With the tools of NLP and EQ you will see that your attitude and gesture will be aligned with what you are aiming at.

Furthermore, EQ is critical in knowing how to react when you realize the true intentions of those around you.

Developed by Jesús Enrique Rosas, Body Language and Persuasion researcher. 

Founder and Director, Knesix Institute.

10+ years developing body language and persuasion training.

Some of the lessons included in the course:

  • How to trigger your charisma in the first sixty seconds of an encounter
  • What are the only 3 points on the face you need to pay attention to
  • What is the right amount of eye contact to generate empathy
  • Knowing if they're really paying attention to you
  • How to select the right attitude for each situation
  • How to use the subtle 'touch' of the shoulder and arm to induce trance states
  • The right way to draw attention to yourself when you arrive at a meeting
  • How to avoid making the 4 most common mistakes when detecting emotions
  • Knowing how to identify the 7 signs that you have convinced a person
  • How to control yourself if you find out you're being lied to
  • How to read the body language of several people at the same time

"I've improved my communication with my patients and my social circle; I can now identify not only lies, but even intentions."

Dr. José Pappaterra

Neurosurgeon and Coach

Included with the Knesix Code™, you will have access to all this bonus material for FREE:


The Complete Guide to the 60 Clusters of Facial Expressions

  • The only dictionary of emotions in the face, you'll need
  • How to detail facial microexpressions during a real-time conversation
  • Compound emotions in the face and how to identify them


The only 7 NLP tools you'll ever need

  • How to shape your mind so that your gestures always match your thoughts
  • The NLP technique that will serve you in any sales process
  • How to apply our self-hypnosis techniques to 'reboot' your mind


Emotional Storytelling Techniques Guide

  • The step-by-step guide to discovering the process I used for the stories in my book "Churchill's Salt Shaker"
  • How to adapt Storytelling for your conferences, workshops and presentations
  • How to support yourself in Storytelling and overcome stage fright


Access to our Private VIP Circle of Initiates

  • Access to our Private Member Group
  • Exclusive access to workshops with additional material

Program Characteristics:

Start date: At the time of registration.

100% online, with free schedules, plus monthly live group classes with Jesús Enrique Rosas.

Approximately one month, but there is no time limit for you to reach your certification; after that, your enrollment is permanent to continue accessing the program and its updates.

The course includes videos, PDF guides that you can download to print or view offline, interactivities, examples and evaluations.

You will have instant access to all this material:

  • The Knesix Code™
  • The Complete Guide to the 60 Clusters of Facial Expressions
  • The only 7 NLP tools you'll ever need
  • Access to our Private Circle of Initiates

"Jesus is the leader and referent on issues of communication and non-verbal human behavior." 

Dr. Efraín Freyre

Medical - Psychotherapist, CNV specialist

Unleash your people reading skills for just:


You can also enroll with 5 monthly payments of $120

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will I have access to the information?

For life. 

How long will I take to finish the whole course?

Approximately 3 months with just 10 minutes a day. There is no time limit and you'll remain in full access of all the content upon completion.

Who created the material?

Jesús Enrique Rosas, founder of LenguajeCorporal.Org and the Knesix Institute, as well as the International Network of Body Language Coaches and Speakers.

What skills will I develop with the material?

How to decipher the body language of others, learn to control your own and use both techniques to persuade.

How do I know that it will work for me?

No curriculum is 100% guaranteed; however, if you are committed to putting the lessons into practice and applying them consistently, there is no reason why you can't improve your communication skills.

Is this course certified?

There is a certification of completion of the program.

What kind of resources does the program include?

Texts, videos, downloadable documents and interactivities.

Are there any time restrictions and do I need to have an internet connection?

All the material can be accessed at any time, even from a mobile device. With the exception of the interactivities and videos, you can download everything to print or review without an internet connection.

"It is my pleasure to invite you to share with us this initiative of more than 20 years exploring body language, with the possibility of belonging to our group of international specialists."

Jesús Enrique Rosas - Director, Knesix Institute

Unleash your people reading skills for just:


You can also enroll with 5 monthly payments of $120