LinkedIn may be the most boring social network on this side of the galaxy, but its importance for your professional brand is unquestionable.

I mention I had been making a big mistake there:

It’s natural thing that throughout our professional career we develop all kinds of skills.

From Excel Black Belt to 3rd Dan in Project Management.

That’s very good, as long as people are absolutely clear about what we do.

Let me explain…

Sometimes it’s hard for me to stay (only) with the ‘Body Language’ label.

If you have read me for some time, you will notice that I have other interests. I like to exploit my curiosity.

And there’s nothing wrong trying to post those experiences in my professional profile, right?


In my case, if I include (among other things) such disparate themes as architectural illustration, criminal interrogations and social media marketing, people’s faces will resemble Britney’s meme.

(They won’t understand very well what I’m doing)


I have to choose * only one thing *, a concept that is closely related to what I do, to connect it to my professional brand.

Thus, when people remember my name, the image of that concept is the first thing that comes to mind.

That there are no doubts.

So people don’t get confused with my strange ability to juggle cupcakes.

They instantly think of Body Language and Persuasion.

This is more important than you can imagine.

Now, let’s talk about you.

What are the words or concept that defines you as a professional?

Warning: I don’t mean that you limit yourself to one thing.

I mean that your ‘first digital impression’ should be as simple and impressive as possible.

Afterwards, you can casually mention that you tame white sharks.

But you have to be related to * one * concept.

It’s easy to determine it with the following exercise:

Two or three people are talking. Suddenly, one of them mentions you.

Another responds:

“Ah yeah, John Doe. The one who …”

[Insert your professional concept here]

What do you want them to say about you when they remember you?

You know how important are Word of Mouth recommendations.

But you have to make it easy for people, choosing one concept and repeating it constantly until it becomes part of your brand.

Virtually, part of you.

Reflect on this.

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I wish you much success!

Jesus Enrique Rosas

I can read your body language and write a story about it.

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