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How much energy do you invest daily to Persuade other people's behavior at work?

Salespeople must lead to the best buying decision and every sales call is a different scenario.

Managers become unofficial team psychologists, hard-pressed to be aware of everyone's personality quirks.

Negotiations are real-life mind games where you must decipher the true intentions of the other party.

Teamwork can kill ideas if they're not presented convincingly.

There's a common denominator in all these scenarios: Persuasion.

Everybody wants to be more persuasive, right?

But there are two little-known facts about this powerful tool.

First, it can't be measured directly. It's really difficult to assess your Persuasion Powers.

But there's one way you can spot a persuasion deficit in yourself.

And it's pretty easy:


Did any of the examples of influence in business make you feel... "something" in your solar plexus?

That's how it reflects in your body.

But it's not just a feeling; all your gestures, facial expressions, voice tone and posture will reflect that anxiety.

That's where body language enters the stage.

Your Body Language is a symptom.

Think of your body language as a monitor that will always reflect the anxiety that stems from lack of persuasion skills.

So, what can you do? learn "Powerful stances"? "Solid handshakes"? "Alpha attitudes"?

All that will be just a travesty, because now you understand that the real problem lies deeper.

And that's the second fact about persuasion: It's a two-way street.

The ability to persuade yourself is as important as persuading others.

The beautiful thing is that Personal Influence is nothing more than understanding human behavior.

First, you discover and understand yourself.

Then, you discover and understand others.

Those are the foundations of a truly epic body language and persuasion.

So, let's start there.

I'm really excited with the idea that we can work together to unlock, upgrade and polish your persuasion skills.

And where there used to be anxiety, you'll feel thrilled to use your unlocked persuasion tools!

  • Negotiations become a fascinating journey of discovering how can you build a lasting professional relationship.
  • Leadership turns into an exhilarating experience once you feel that veil lifted from your eyes and can clearly read everyone's character and intentions.
  • Even your personal life will improve as you feel more confident and acquire the privilege to be truly kind with your better understanding of those around you.

Best of all, your persuasion will compound so your influence and confidence will keep growing over time.

I'm sure you're wondering, how does it work?

Well, I can't wait to tell you!

But first I need to know a little more about your current persuasion abilities - and confirm that I can actually help you and your business.

Apply to work with me and let's find out the best strategy to unlock your next level of persuasion:

Jesús Enrique Rosas

Director, Knesix Institute

Body Language and Persuasion have been my passion for over a decade. No matter your level of influence, I'm sure we can take it to new heights together. Let's do this!