Success attracts cool people to your life, but also a bunch of toxic personalities that seek their share of your fortune.

Picasso had an innate personality quirk that you can use to disable this kind of people:

Picasso used to work alongside Paul Rosenberg, who was considered one of the greatest art dealers of the twentieth century.

It’s worth noting that the relationship between the two men was beyond professional; they became good friends and pen pals.

But Picasso was special.

One day and for no apparent reason, Picasso told Rosenberg that he will no longer be using his merchant services.

There was absolutely no explanation for this. It was like a vintage professional ghosting.

Rosenberg was baffled and almost got mad trying to find an explanation.

Maybe he said something that made the painter angry. Or he was just already working with another art dealer…

He deserved a statement from Picasso himself.

He didn’t have to wait much. He met Picasso less than 48 hour later, absolutely sure he was working with someone else.

Picasso didn’t get to say a word. Rosenberg talked nervously:

— Sir, I’m sure you would reconsider your decision if I raise my offer for your paintings, don’t you think?

The offer was substantially higher than he usually paid Picasso.

The Spanish smiled broadly.

The fact is, that Picasso had this personality quirk. He HATED the idea of being predictable.

That’s why Picasso’s style is as varied as Tarantino’s films. The moment that any commentary about ‘his usual style’ got to his ears, he changed everything to baffle the public.

In fact, the first exhibition he had with Rosenberg was a total break from cubism.

How can you use this personality quirk for your advantage?

Nurture uncertainty into your actions.

After all, manipulators and toxic personalities look for those who can be easily figured out.

When you embrace uncertainty, people will not be able to predict your next move.

Yes, it instills fear in some. That’s something you must live with.

But at the same time, it is one of the best techniques you can use against your enemies and detractors.

Think about it.

“But I don’t have enemies, I don’t need to be unpredictable”.

Please remember that even John Paul II had sworn enemies.

If you’re doing something worthy and visible, you most certainly have a fair share of those.

Are you going to let yourself be an easy target?

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