Have you heard the expression “It is not enough to succeed… others must fail, too!”

Yeah, it’s mean, makes (sometimes) zero sense, but it always manages to get me a chuckle.

Especially because sometimes, some people absolutely deserve to fail.

Take for example the nice success of the Super Mario Bros’ movie opening weekend. Broke the record for animated films. Nintendo and Universal Studios are ready to take a dip in Scrooge McDuck’s vault.

Who’s the big loser here? Disney and Pixar, and with good reason. They have embarrassed themselves over and over again in the last few years just pouring out their agenda and not paying attention to the public and fans – and sometimes even demeaning and mocking them.

They forgot the most important part of show business – The Show. Entertainment. Make people have fun. So not gonna lie, watching Disney fail miserably puts a smile on my face in a big Thanos way. Especially for the political agenda part.

So that’s how Nintendo and Universal are sweeping the box office as we speak. They focused on fun!

Now, you don’t want to make Disney/Pixar’s mistake. And this mistake is about principles.

They just went against the principles that built their audience in the first place. But you’re better than that, yet?

But what if you want to be able to understand the true principles of anyone, even if they are trying to hide them?

You don’t need to look any further – you read their faces. But first, you grab my complete guide of facial emotions to become a human lie detector:


Much Love and Bliss,


The Body Language Guy