We almost forget that we usually don’t know who could be listening to us… and the actual impact of our words.

Henry Cavill has a funny anecdote about that, when he got the right words at the right time:

Cavill was an awkward teen in high school, to the point of being called ‘Fat Cavill’.

Yeah. Hard to imagine, right? but bear with me with this one.

One day the school was the location for a Hollywood production, and there was this famous actor in the premises.

By a strange turn of destiny, Cavill managed to talk to the A-lister.

— Sir, what’s it like being an actor? — said Fat Cavill

— The paycheck is good, but they treat you like shit, boy — Answered the other in a mixed Australian accent.

Cavill’s desire just grew stronger.

Moments later and pretty much like a funny 80s movie, Cavill helped the actor evade a bunch of fans looking to meet him.

Details of the evasion are unclear, but I guess the future Man of Steel broke a hole in a nearby wall with his chin.

In the end, he got a nice signed photo.

Fast-forward 12 years.

The improvised mentor and the not-fat-anymore Cavill met in a private gym, training for their roles in the same movie.

Cavill was not sure if the man remembered him. But as they were taking a break, he said:

— Hey, do I know you from some other place?

Cavill smiled and asked him if he recalled being saved by a school mob more than a decade ago.

The man went silent. Then squinted. Then asked:

— What did I tell you back then?

— That “the paycheck was good but they treat you like shit”

The other laughed hard.

The improvised mentor was none other than Russell Crowe.

We can imagine that the manly hug that came after was registered as 5.7 in the Richter scale.

So, Crowe was playing Jor-El, Superman’s father in the movie. That’s a nice way for a story to go around.

The lesson:

Sometimes we don’t know how much power a couple sentences can have in other’s experiences and thoughts.

Might as well be sure that whatever comes out of our mouths, flows straight from a kind heart.

This world needs people who use words to lift others.

Sometimes it will be the opposite; you’ll have to disguise your message so it’s wrapped in secrecy just for a few to understand.

Whichever your intentions, you’ll have a clear advantage with my daily persuasion tips, downloading my free ebook right away:

Much success!

Jesús Enrique Rosas
I can read your body language and write a story about it.