You don’t need to be born ‘magnetic’ to mesmerize and attract people; you just have to apply the simple trick I learned from my periodontist, that is easier than you think (and free!)

It was fall 1992. I remember that I went to my periodontist for a regular check. I always remember her as rather charismatic lady, cracking jokes and making the procedure of checking my gums from bearable to almost entertaining.

At some point I mentioned that I was going to compete at a local Nintendo tournament the upcoming weekend, and if all went well, I would be classified for the finals in December. She said something along the lines of “Oh, that’s so cool!”, asked a couple questions, and moved on to the next topic.

I could talk hours about the tournament itself (there are many lessons in there that I’ll be sharing in future emails), but right now I want to focus on what happened the spring of 1993, when I went for another checkup with her.

She was checking my gums and in one pause that allowed me to answer, she inquired point blank:

“How did those Nintendo tournament finals go?”

My brain glitched for a couple seconds. My first reaction was wondering how did she know about the event, because for the life of me I couldn’t remember telling her about it the last time I saw her, around six months ago.

Then it dawned on me. “Oh… it was great”, and there was a short exchange about it. (My mouth still needed some work, so talking out of the question)

What’s crazy is that I have never forgotten how I felt the moment she asked me that question. Because it was realizing that she had paid attention to me, and made sure to ask the next time we met.

This was WAY before being even remotely interested in human behavior or persuasion, but it dawned on me anyway. There was power in making people feel that way. There was an amazing magnetism in such a small gesture.

To make sure you get what’s this all about, it’s two simple things:

Find out something that the person is going to do in the future (the more important to them, the better)
Make sure you ask them afterwards about it, regardless of the time that has passed after the event.

It is that simple!

I know, I know… our memory can be faulty at times, and it’s obvious that my periodontist had a knack for that… so all you need to do is to add a note about the person in the contacts of your phone. So, next time you meet them, you can just check quickly your phone notes.

I tell you about the memory thing because I’m sure I have written about this anecdote before, lol… but the lesson is so important that it’s worth going over it again.

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Much Love and Bliss,

The Body Language Guy.