Most people are afraid of attracting attention. “Let’s build and they will come” they say… but no one is going to come without marketing.

Michelangelo Buonarotti was well aware of this, and you should, too:

It’s always a good time to remember that Michelangelo sculpted the Pietá in his early twenties.

(And by the way, the Pietá is one of the greatest marble sculptures of the history of mankind)

He took TWO YEARS to make it. Let it sink for a moment. It’s important.

One day, he was around the masterpiece when he overheard two men talking about it.

He moved closer to hear what they were saying.

— A marvelous work of art, don’t you think?

— Of course! The most magnificent sculpture I’ve seen in years!

The author was pleased, until…

— By the way, and pardon my ignorance… who was the sculptor?

Michelangelo smiled and stood upright, waiting for the accolade.

— Oh, I understand that it was Il Gobbo Solari who crafted it.

The smile faded instantly. Michelangelo had a hard time containing his anger.

That night, he sneaked to the Pietá and sculpted his name as big as he could right between the Virgin Mary’s breasts.

So forget any subtlety. This man discovered guerrilla marketing the hardest way.

But it worked; a couple years later, he was commissioned the David.

Most people agree that fame, in itself, is unnecessary. And I agree to some point.

I think that reputation is much more important; that people know what you excel in, and what you can do for them.

But the best reputation in the world won’t take you anywhere if you’re invisible.

People become famous for any number of things. Sometimes, without even looking for it.

Fame, reputation, personal brand… whatever you’d like to mix it, it’s important to be known.

And as I say over and over again, it’s your creations that become your best ambassadors.

You bring results to your customers through a work ethic that competes with those of renaissance men.

But at the same time, you have to get the word out for each successful endeavor.

It is not about becoming another empty influencer. Is about helping as many people as possible.

Of course, in today’s world it would be a bit risky to use the Virgin Mary’s boobs for your marketing.

(No doubt it WILL become viral if you do so)

Just make sure that people connect your creations all the way to you.

Because you’re creating, right?


When the time comes and people meet you, you’ll want to show a powerful and confident body language.

And you will show it, because it will flow from within.

I want to see you shine at that moment; so go ahead and download my free tips ebook, here:

Much success!

Jesús Enrique Rosas
I can read your body language and write a story about it.