If you haven’t seen ‘Two Moon Junction’ it is something like the first cousin of ‘Nine and 1/2 Weeks’.

B-Movies that used to air (or are still aired…?) at midnight.

Well, there’s something we can take from the[SPOILER] ending:

In the movie, April (Sherilyn Fenn) is about to marry Chad (Martin Hewitt).

But while walking through a Carnival, April sets her sights on Perry (Richard Tyson), a guy who looks like Fher on steroids.

Anyway, the fact is that April ends up getting tangled up with Perry. That’s it, I just told you 95% of the movie.

Until the very last 5 minutes you have no idea if April will end up married to Chad (who marries someone named Chad?) Or will definitely escape with Perry.

Well, Spoiler alert: She stays … with both of them; married to Chad, and occasionally seeing Perry.

(No, there is no moral)

I go one step beyond the relationship theme of the story and focus on the symbols themselves.

– Chad symbolizes stability, the safe, the ‘logical’.

– Perry symbolizes instability, emotion, discovery.

Try to decide between something safe and something that excites you.

It’s not easy, right?

In fact, in Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs, Security and Self-realization are present.

And there can be no self-realization if you do not discover, you do not put yourself to the test, you do not undergo exciting challenges from time to time.

Of course, you also want Security.

Both, Security and Emotion, are constantly fighting within us.

The moment you feel ‘safe’ with something, you start to feel some anxiety … like Coco Chanel in every milestone of her career.

But when you embark on the unknown … it’s more like Darwin in the first days of his very first trip: he wanted to go back and regretted the decision.

Our life is a constant oscillation.

If you insist on staying in the ‘safe’ zone, you will suffer.

If you insist on constantly seeking thrills, you will suffer.

The possible solution is to find our ‘frequency’ and learn to swing in unison.

It all starts by listening to ourselves.

I have mentioned this exercise dozens of times, but here it goes again:

Grab paper and pencil and write what do you want in your life.

Yes, April and Chanel and Darwin were NOT sure what they wanted.

But the way to find out is to set specific goals and wants.

Why pencil and paper?

Writing, and reading what is written, has a special connection with us.

We are so accustomed to censor what we think and feel, that seeing it ‘outside’, on a sheet of paper helps to see things more clearly.

The important thing is what you do next.

If you need help figuring it out, start by downloading my free Body Language tips ebook here:


I wish you success,

Jesús Enrique Rosas

I can read your body language and write a story about it.