“We become what we think about”, is one of the strongest ideas humanity has come up with. And it’s true.

A short story about George Washington will prove useful to carve it into your consciousness:

One day after the revolution, Washington was staying at an inn in Boston where the British general William Howe had once lodged.

According to the anecdote, he got into a conversation with a little girl there.

— You have seen the soldiers of both sides, which do you like best?

The little girl answered:

— I like the redcoats best!

Washington laughed hard. Then, replied:

— Yes, my dear. the redcoats do look the best, but it takes the ragged boys to do the fighting!

Let’s do a little exercise. Let’s picture that contrast in our minds.

On one side, the tidy British redcoats with their white and crimson uniforms. On the other, the guerrilla-level shabby American troops with their rugged attitudes.

Which ones would you like best?

Well, I just played a trick with your mind. I’m sure you took ‘Murica’s side.

But that’s fine. We usually root for the underdog.

(And in this case, it helps that they won the war)

But the sad things is that this is the EXACT OPPOSITE that you do… with yourself.

You’re bombarded every waking minute with extreme success stories all over.

The sixteen-year-old that made millions overnight.

The girl next door that rose to stardom in a matter of weeks.

The uber-perfection of every power couple on Instagram.

The ludicrous life of a faceless statistic.

All day, all night. Everywhere.

The reality: You’re falling prey to the Availability Bias.

The media picks those examples because it’s the only way to catch your attention.

But that is NOT the norm. And that’s why heavy use of social media is linked to depression.

(Especially, if you follow Gianlucca Vacchi)

It’s nearly impossible to be exposed to that barrage of images without comparing yourself.

You feel that all you do is pure grind and none of the glamour.

They’re the shining redcoats. You’re Mel Gibson after two weeks without taking a bath.

But that means this:

You’re not a fake. You’re earning your own luck. And yes, luck can be earned.

But it takes a colossal amount of fighting… if you’re aiming high enough, that is.

You’re aiming high, right?

Nothing worthy was ever achieved without commitment and discipline.

Be EXTREMELY VIGILANT of the ideas you grant access to your mind.

That includes social media and the people around you.

I can help you sail the seas of forced smiles and deceiving intentions. Start by downloading my free ebook:

Much success!

Jesús Enrique Rosas

I unlock business leaders’ social skills.

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