Why are anti-heroes so fascinating? I think the answer is clear: When they decide to achieve something, they become OBSESSED with it to the point of being borderline (and sometimes expressly) criminal.

They give a sense of certainty. You know they WILL get what they set their sights on.

In that sense, an anti-hero is the most trustable person possible – even if you don’t approve their methods, lack of ethics, or flat-out recklessness.

But you can TRUST in them and they determination. Even if it goes against common sense, you feel safe with that certainty.


Make no mistake, they will be reckless. I could affirm that introverts are far more dangerous, as they are more prone to use surgically crafted manipulation that leaves no traces.

At the same time, it inspires respect in other men and makes them irresistible for most women.


The more sociopathic ones have such a solid self image (to the point of being almost delusional) that they can remain calm in extreme odds.

They trust themselves, no matter what. They will find a way, no matter what. They will get what they want, no matter what.

Sorry to break up to you, but self determination is not enough.

Every successful anti-hero needs a healthy dose of Intellectual Mojo. Plain and old simple intelligence. Loads of it.

Juggling dozens of real world variables is not for lousy minds. More attractiveness to them…

If introverts apply covert manipulation… high IQ extroverts can be masterful scam artists.

They will realize their natural ability to exploit their charisma to overcome almost any situation.

It makes them a more visible target, though. Not that they care much about it.

Even if they could ve emotionally detached, they excel at one important skill: View the situation through the eyes of others.

That gives them an advantage thanks to behavioral prediction. They have a hunch about how people will react.

So they plan accordingly.

Notice that in all examples, there’s a clear difference between skill and intentions.

In other words, you could develop the skills of pop culture anti-heroes… while remaining in ethical grounds.

Remember: this is the real life, with real life consequences.

A useful recap:

– Pick a goal and become obsessed with it.
– Trust in yourself no matter what.
– Leverage your introversion / extroversion (or both!)
– Learn to view the situation through the eyes of others

…and please, don’t do meth 😉