Values are extremely important.

If you don’t define your own values, you’ll aim at living with the wrong ones.

Worse: Hanging out with people with totally different values not aligned with yours, can derail you big time.

Example: It’s OK to crave Wealth and Power.

Somebody has to do the big things, right?

But maybe you were raised with the concept that those are not values, but sins.

So you end up hanging out with people whose values have ‘high status’ in society’s mind.

For example: Spirituality.

Not that Spirituality (or Power) are ‘bad’ or ‘good’ values.

People can be wealthy and humble at the same time, as an example.

But if you don’t ‘listen to yourself’ and define the values you’ll be striving for, you’re all set for a life full of frustration.

Some people value Achievement. Some value Leisure.

Some value Growth, others Altruism.

Some want to rule the world, some want to heal others’ wounds.

No value is good or bad.

As long as it’s yours, you recognize it, and live your life by it.

There is absolutely no use for a life lived in misery because you thought you had to live with ‘high’ or ‘good’ values.

Many famous entrepreneurs were total assholes, but created products that made our life easier and better.

They embraced their values in spite of headlines.

Don’t think Life is going to reward you for picking the ‘good’ values and pursuing them even if they make you miserable.

In fact, Life doesn’t give a half sh*t if you identify and live by YOUR OWN values.

But, which option sounds better?

One critical step to know yourself and your values is to be aware of your own Body Language at all times.

That way you understand why you react in a certain way to certain events.

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Much success!

Jesús Enrique Rosas
The Body Language Guy