Maybe you’ve never tried to ‘fake it till you make it’ with your body language.

But if you wonder why it sometimes your body does the exact opposite of what you are truly feeling, here’s the reason:

Yes, your body language sparks from your limbic system, but its final expression is also filtered through your reasoning.

You’re aware of your own feelings and maybe you either want desperately to communicate them, or on the contrary hide them so nobody notices.

In either scenario, your rational mind garbles your body expression.

That’s why innocent people can send guilt signals during an interrogation.

Or, you don’t want someone to know they upset you, but in the end they notice your uncomfortable body language.

So, wether you want to convey or hide your TRUE feelings or intentions… your body language doesn’t always cooperate.

But there’s a solution to this.

You must be aware of the SITUATION.

I call it “looking at the situation with a fresh pair of eyes”.

Your body language ‘betrays’ you, only because you’re too self-immersed in your circumstances.

But once you remember to recognize your feelings, what sparks them, the feelings of the other person and their possible intentions… you can think with a clearer mind.

And a clearer mind leads to a cooperating body language.

The question is, how do you manage to keep calm and juggle all these factors at the same time?

You need mental and emotional training for that, in small daily steps until you can manage your actions, both verbal and nonverbal.

A good start is downloading my free 100+ body language tips here:

Much success!

Jesús Enrique Rosas
The Body Language Guy