Since we’re in a constant bath of loud stimuli, body language goes unnoticed most of the time.

But there’s a secret switch deep inside your limbic system that you can consciously turn open, this way:

Think of body language as if it were a communication channel.

Let’s imagine that words are a bright blue channel that originates in the mouth of people.

Body language is a bright red that originates from the chest.

Every time someone speaks, you can ‘see’ the blue channel oscillating like a frequency analyzer.

Of course, if the person goes silent, the blue line goes dormant too.

But what could happen with the red channel?

Yes; it’s always sending signals. Even if the person doesn’t move, their posture is giving away some of their emotions.

That’s the mind-switch to remind yourself that your limbic system is perpetually catching those signals, translating them to ‘intuition’, and sending them to your consciousness.

They often get mixed in everyday noise; but if you remember the existence of that red channel, you’ll flick the switch on again.

Note: It’s normal that at first, you’ll have to ‘turn it on’ several times through the day.

Give it a couple or two weeks and it will remain ‘always on’ without you noticing.

Of course, you’ll be busy catching all those body language signals.

Would you like to know what do they mean?

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Much success,

Jesús Enrique Rosas
The Body Language Guy