“Bear in mind that you are not making music for your own pleasure, but for the pleasure of your audience”.

This is a quote from the German composer Richard Strauss which depicts the humbleness we should strive for.

But what if no matter our efforts, some trolls inside our audience keep attacking us?

This is an everyday dilemma just because we are hardwired by evolution to give disproportional weight to criticism. We wonder why, if we aren’t hurting anyone, if we’re minding our own business and focused on doing it well… there’s always one jerk, one hater, or at least one know-it-all that can bring our morale down.

The funny thing is that Strauss himself knew how to deal with this kind of situations. When Strauss’ opera Salomé was produced, Kaiser Wilhelm II remarked: “It will do Strauss a great deal of harm”.

This remark came to Strauss’ ears. He just commented, “Well, I was able to build my villa in Garmisch, thanks to the harm.”

We can guess that as much power the Kaiser had, Strauss’ audience had even more power… and he gave them what they wanted!

You might think that reacting like this to such remarks about your work requires a ‘thick skin’.

In fact, it’s the opposite. A thick skin is dangerous because it isolates you from the world in many ways. By remaining inside your metaphorical castle’s walls, you detach yourself both from the bad and the good feedback. Ironically, you become more vulnerable that way.​

Instead, what you need to realize is that 99% of attacks are not personal. Most of the time it’s the person projecting their own insecurities and frustrations that have nothing to do with you.

But then, if they are not personal, why do they make you feel like that?

That’s because you need the special suit of emotional intelligence. A teflon-like bespoke outfit that makes any attack just flow around you like water, without getting yourself wet.

Sun Tzu once said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”. In today’s world, it’s rare to have real enemies. Even real opponents. But the statement is still valid, when thinking about knowing ourselves and those around us.​

Imagine having the power of understanding where their vicious attack come from, and realizing they can’t hurt you.

How much energy could you save?

How great would it be to attain peace of mind and freedom to do as you like?

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Much Love and Bliss,

Jesús Enrique Rosas

The Body Language Guy