When someone asks me about how long they should keep eye contact, I often mention the 5 second rule.

Not that locking your eyes for longer is wrong, but you should be aware of what happens inside you:

We already know through scientific research that long stares release oxytocin, which in turn makes us feel good.

But that’s just half of the story, because you and I perfectly know how uncomfortable can it be if someone just keeps staring at us for no reason!

That’s because eye contact is an intimate communication.

Our “windows to the soul” speak at all times, even when closed. A deep, mysterious language that we can somehow comprehend.

It’s too bad that when a woman tries to ‘talk’ with her eyes to a man… he just doesn’t get the message, because of rationalization.

(And it often happens the other way, too)

We are attracted to faces. And when our eyes land on one, we specifically target their eyes.

That communication bridge is instantaneous; and so powerful, strangers often look away within seconds of accidentally looking at each other.

Want to test its power? just sit and lock eyes with a loved one. Give it 30 seconds, no words. Smiles are optional, but don’t look away.

Repeat once every day. I won’t spoil it, but you’ll notice that your feelings… change.

Your bond will become stronger.

Just by staring into each other’s eyes.

But what happens when you want to decipher stranger’s eye language?

I’ve got you covered with my complete program to understand the fascinating language of the face and eyes.

If you combine their words, their voice and their eyes… you will be able to decipher those secret codes.

And you will understand.

It takes just a minute to start, here:

I’ll be waiting for you at my virtual campus,

Jesús Enrique Rosas

I can read your body language and write a story about it.